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Alphabetical List of my Surnames

Remley Children 
(born to Harry Thomas & Gertrude Robinson of Pittsburgh, PA)

My Surnames By Marriage

Frank T. McDONALD (Erie PA)
Frank SANDUSKY (Allegheny CO., PA)
Harry MOYER (Allegheny Co. Pittsburgh, PA)
Frank HAGER (Pittsburgh)
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Goldsborough/Goldsberry Misc. Database
Genforum Family Tree Maker
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 Genforum Family Tree Maker (request it)
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Eisenbeis Home Page


Hager Family Photos
Larry Thompson's Genealogy Page (Franky Hager's Family)


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  • Pennsylvania Department: Phonebooks
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  • Addresses for Birth, Marriage, Divorce, and Death Certificates
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    Pennsylvania Newspapers
    18th Century PA German Naming Customs
    Pennsylvania Genealogy Resources
    Cyndi's List - U.S. - Pennsylvania
    PA Roots
    Geanology US Surname Research Links
    PSAB Buroughs Online Resources
    Ancestors Anonymous: Loretta's Genealogy Homepage
    PAGenWeb: Pennsylvania Genealogy
    Somerset County Pennsylvania Genealogy
    Cruicible School Photos in Greene County, PA
    Mount Washington


    Westmoreland County Township Links
    Westmoreland County Pennsylvania Genealogy Project
    Westmoreland County, PA, Surname Registry and Index,
    Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania 15666 Westmoreland County
    Mt. Pleasant, PA Westmoreland Surnames
    Scottdale Home Page
    Scottdale Borough Information Guide
    About Scottdale
    Armor's Pharmacy in Mt. Pleasant, PA
    Westmoreland County Resources
    Westmoreland County Archives
    Westmoreland County Historical Society
    East Huntingdon Township, Westmoreland County
    Discover Westmoreland County
    Westmoreland neighborhoods
    Westmoreland County, PA, Surname Registry and Index


    Fay-West On-Line
    Fay-West On-Line: Discussion Forums Message Index
    PAGenWeb - Fayette County - Houses of Worship
    Fayette County Genealogical Society
    PAGenWeb - Fayette County - Welcome
    Fayette Co. Link Page
    Fayette County Pa - Houses of Worship
    Fayette County Pennsylvania - Explorer Post 724


    Allegheny County Search List
    Allegheny County Register of Wills
    The Official Allegheny County WebSite
    The Allegheny Regional Family History Society Home Page
    Allegheny County, PA Genealogy Info
    Ohio River Valley Families Genealogical Database Surname
    Allegheny County Services
    The Allegheny River Family Archives

    3 RIVERS GENEALOGY  Cemetaries Pittsburgh Area

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