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I tried to place these in a geographic area, but because these families moved so much and I did not cross post these it might be a good idea to use your "find" search in your browser. In netscape it is located in Edit at the very top of your browser next to File.
Westmoreland County 
West Virginia
New York
Goldsborough Naming Variations Maryland
Melbourne, Aus.
"The Francis Redfern Family...."  by Louisa Redfern Pells.   There are a
great number of Goldsborough names listed.  You might want to search
for the book and buy it.  It is out of print but there are copies around on the Internet.

Historical Note: Goldsboro (originally spelled Goldsborough), county seat of Wayne County, North Carolina, info from THE HERITAGE OF WAYNE COUNTY NORTH CAROLINA 1982; Coordinater Mary Daniels Johnstone; published by Wayne County HIstorical  Association Inc. and Old Dobbs County Genealogical Society; Goldsboro North Carolina, 1982: "Goldsborough's origins can also be traced to the railroad depot, established about 1836 and named Goldsborough Station in honor of Matthew T. Goldsborough, assistant engineer for the Wilmington and Weldon Railraod. The spelling of the town remained consistent with that of the Goldsborough family until about the Civil War, when the shorter spelling was generally adopted.During the period about the mid-nineteenth century abbreviated spellings were popular, and many towns and cities had their names shortened."

Westmoreland County, PA.

My records of the Ulam family show John Ulam, born Maryland 1816, died 1867,  married to Julianna Goldsboro, born 1818, no death date. Julianna is reported to have been born in Georgia, and a nephew was Governor and U. S. Senator from Maryland. Their children: David Weddell Ulam, Emma Ulam, Phoebe A. Ulam, Julia Ulam, Margaret Ulam and Milton Ulam. 
This family settled in Westmoreland Co.,Pennsylvania. Several descendants presently reside in Warren, Ohio. I have no details on Julianna Goldsboro's parents or siblings.

 Fred Ulam

.... more
More Westmoreland County, PA.
U.S CENSUS 1880 Westmoreland County Pennsylvania: Enumeration District 92, sheet 7, line 37: West Side of east 
house 68 family 68:
JOHN GOLDSBERRY age 33, laborer, born PA, parents born PA
Jennie 28, wife, keeping house, born PA, parents born PA
Dela G. daughter age 7, born PA
Harry B (T?) son age 5; born PA
Bell daughter age 4, born PA
Ada daughter age 2, born PA
Franklin Tretts (Fretts?) age 28 farmer;
Mary A. his wife age 25 keeping house. (Do not klnow relatyionship if any of the latter two to your family. they may just 
have rented rooms. The nickname for John is Jack, as you know - which someone could construe as Jacob. 

    More Westmoreland County, PA.
    The above mentioned Goldsberry family are my ancestors. John "Jacob" Goldsborough born abt. 1847 who married Jennie Anderson  (born abt. 1852) about 1870 probably around the Connellsville/Scottdale PA area. They had 3 girls and one boy. Mid 1800's folks were in the Scottdale (Westmoreland) and Connellsville (Fayette) AND the surrounding areas .... in late 1800's - early 1900's they traveled to Pittsburgh/Carnegie area.

    I went back and listened to some tapes that I recorded of my grandmother while she was alive. I heard her say ... Goldsboroughs were in Pennsylvania years ago.  They fought in every war that US has been in. Government gave Goldsborough's property in Scottdale for fighting in revolutionary war. Goldsborough NC was named after Goldsborough's.

     We don't know anything about Jacob's family, but were given information that he owned (maybe he worked there) a coke oven (s). The rest of his life he was a general farmer and possibly was in the military before or at he beginning of his marriage. Jacob and Jennie were together long enough to have four children:

             Dela Gertrude known as "Gert or Gertie" was born in Scottdale about 1873
             Harry born in Scottdale about 1875
             Cora "Belle" born in Scottdale about 1876
             Ada born in Scottdale about 1878
    None of their children had children of their own except for Belle and she only had one daughter b. in 1898 in Scottdale. So that means that there was only ONE grandchild for Jacob and Jennie Goldsborough. Jacob and Jennie eventually divorced guessing after Ada was born. I do have photos of him as he was older, so they must have stayed in touch after divorcing

    Harry was in the Spanish-American war and married a lady who had already had children from a previous marriage. As far as I know he did not father any children.

    All of these folks ended up moving to Pittsburgh or surrounding area. Jacob GOLSBOROUGH, Jenny Anderson GOLSBOROUGH, Gertrude Golsborough ----------, Ada Goldsborough ------------, all buried in United Cemetery on 
    cemetery lane. Four have no tombstones ?. Probably Jacob, Jennie, Ada, Gert.

     I have now learned (07-07-99) that Harry Goldsborough at one time lived in Kelly Station, PA.(a popular fishing and boat docking area and doesn't have a population above 500). It is located in Armstrong County, PA about 5-10 miles from the Butler County line. Kelly Station is on the Allegheny River about halfway between the towns of Freeport and Kittanning. If you get a map just follow the Allegheny River south from Kittanning or Ford City. It is on SR 66 on the Allegheny River. (I found a small piece of paper with his address on it that was in Leona Remleys belongings.)
    According to Delilace Remley Ley, Jenny lived in Cleveland at one time, as well as Ada, and Harry Goldsborough. (Ada moved there first because of her husbands occupation .... but having doubts that Harry moved to Cleveland)
         Harry died after Belle. (Delilace) This would be after 1945
         His wife died in 50's-60's. (Delilace)

    I have a photo 1888 Gertie Goldsborough with Bill Nysurges(?) at Lingo Studios in Uniontown, PA .... writing on back says "Christmas 1888". I do not have any other pictures of this man that I am aware of. Gert would be abt. 14-15 yrs of age in this photo. Could she possibly have been married to this guy?

    Raynelle in Texas or

    Fayette County, PA
    Looking for information on the GOLDSBOROUGH/ GOLDSBURGH/ and/or GOLDSBERRY families that lived in the Fayette Co, Pa area.

    Have this:
    JULIANNA  ( mn unk) GOLDSBOROUGH   (b) 1818 Frederick Co, Md (d) 1896 Fayette Co, Pa. Her husband, no name given for him, (d) 1871 Westmoreland Co, Pa, burried Leesburg (or Leechburg) in Armstrong Co, Pa?

    Would like to obtain information as to their children, that was probably in the Fayette, Westmoreland, and Washington Cos, Pa or Monongalia Co, WV.  Also wonder why the husband was burried in Armstrong Co, Pa?

    Any help, information and/or leads would be GREATFULLY appreciated.
    Please email me at:
    Thank you........Vicki

More Fayette County, PA.
My husband has some cousins who live in Fayette Co.  They live in Fairchance, Pa.  There is also an undertaker there by the name of Goldsborough.  These particular Goldsboroughs dropped the 'ugh' from
their name, making it Goldsboro.

I would be interested in what you have so that I could compare it with the ancestors of my husband, William Mahon Goldsborough III who was b. in 1927 and d. in 1988.  His father was William Mahon Goldsborough II and his grandfather, of course, was William Mahon Goldsborough I.

From the info that I have, there were five Goldsboroughs who came to the US from England and were English pirates.  My husband's grandfather settled in Leonardtown, Md. and eventually moved westward twds. Cumberland, Md. and settled in Oldtown, Md.  He was a boss on the C & O Canal, had a canal boat and he and his wife took in boarders on the boat.  This was in a little section called Twiggtown.

There is another family, also related, of Goldsboroughs, who lived in Fort Ashby, W.Va. and his name was Dan.  He and his wife are buried at Rose Hill Cemetery in Cumberland, Md. as are my husband's mother and father.

I can't seem to find, anywhere, the parents of William Mahon Goldsborough I.

Doris Twigg Goldsborough
from Mt. Lake Park, Maryland

More Fayette County, PA.

Here's all I have:
Harriet Goldsberry, born in MD in 1796, married Rezen Barber in Washington Co MD 27 April 1816. They had three children: Antonela, Cornelia Ringgold, and Isaiah. I don't think any of these names were in the Barber family, so perhaps they were in Harriet's. They moved to Fayette Co., sometime after 1820, and Rezen died in Nicholson Township, Fayette Co.

Margaret Ellis-Miller

More Fayette County, PA.

I have tried to find information about Mary JANE Goldsboro (from Fayette area) and have some notes.  She was my GGgrandmother...married to Ephraim Joe PRICE.  These are all the notes I have on her.  Maybe they will help you and if you have additional, it will help me!

Mary Jane Goldsborough - Goldsboro b. 1882 d. Dec. 20, 1893 in Fairchance.
Buried in Price Cemetery.  Listed as Jane Price on will.  Had 6 children.

Indian heritage mentioned by my grandparents and they believed it came from
the Goldsboro line?  Anything on this?

Parents of Mary Jane were Thomas Goldsboro and Elizabeth Ryland.

1880 census for Georges Twnshp.  shows:

GOLDSBORO   Elizabeth w  66
                Thomas      70     laborer
                Robert      22     son

GOLDSBORO   George      32
                Mary        34
                Charles     11
                Jane        11
                Carrie       7
                Dora         5
                Ella             2

GOLDSBORO   William     26     mining iron ore
                Martha      21
                Wilbert        2/3    son

GOLDSBORO   Albert      25     iron ore miner
                Jennie      23
                Isa         born in July

This is about it, except I have names of Mary Jane's children.  I hope this
might help you and if you have anything about Mary Jane, please let me know.

Nancy PRICE Camarigg in Upland, CA

More Fayette County, PA.
1850 US CENSUS, Fayette County PA Georges Township, 24 August 1850 185/185: 
Thomas Goldsberry age 40 b. VA, miner, 
Elizabeth 57, b. MD,
Mary I 15, b. MD, 
Eliza 11, b PA, 
Elizabeth 9 b PA, 
Ellen 7 b. PA, 
Rebnecca 5, b. PA, 
George 3 b. PA, 
John 4/12, bPA, 
Edward Goldsberry 70 b. VA;

Rebecca Goldsborough 45 b. VA widow, 
Edward 17 b. VA laborer, 
Morris 14, 
Louisa 19, all born VA;

380/380 31 August 1850, 
John Goldsberry 12 b. PA, no occupation listed, in household of Alphonso Gance, 26, cabinet maker
(NB: another youth in this household was also listed as cabinet maker - but
nothing listed for John - he may still have been an apprentice, or just a
relative, or a servant. TM)

1870 US CENSUS,  Fayette County PA, Georges Township, 14 July 1870,
Thomas Goldsborough 61, laborer, b. VA, 
Elizabeth 57, keeping house, b. MD,
children (all born PA), 
John 21, 
William 16,
Robert (Richard?) 14, 
Bert 12,
Harriet 11;

George Goldsborough 22 Laborer, b. PA, 
Mary 26, keeping house, b. PA, 
children (all born PA) 
Sidia (Silla?) 4, 
Jane 1, 
Richard 1.

1870 US CENSUS,  Fayette County PA, Jefferson Township, 21 July 1870,
household of Daniel Mussly (Mussey?), farmer, 53 and wife Nancy 50, 
Emma Goldsborough 12, born Maryland.

1880 US CENSUS, Fayette County, Georges Township, ED 40 P. 28, House 216/216: 
George Goldsborough 32, 
Mary 24, 
Charles 11, 
Jane 11, 
Cari 7,
Dora 5, 
Ella 2, all born PA, 
George's father b. W. Virginia, mother b. MD
(NB: see 1850 above and the household just below. The parents' birthplaces
may be a census taker's error. TM).

Samuel Shinebarger, 25, 
Harriet 21, Roby b. April 1880, Lizzie Rogers age 11,
Thomas Goldsborough 70, born "E. Virginia" father and mother both born "E. Virginia". 
Elizabeth age 66, born Maryland, both parents born Maryland.(NB on ED 40 p. 21 there is a Kizzie Nixon age 12, daughter of James and Jane Nixon - see the reference re: marriage below. TM)
ED 40, PAGE 30, 9 June

1880 US CENSUS, Fayette County, Georges Township
281/281 Albert Goldsboro 25, Iron Ore Miner, Jennie 23, Ida 1/6 "b. July 1880." (NB note the date the census was taken. 
Suggest census taker made error or slip of the mind when he wrote month of birth as July. TM) ED 40 10 June 1880,

William Goldsboro 26, Martha 21,Wilbert 2/3.

FROM LAFAYETTE, The History and Genealogy of Fayette County PA, Vol. II, No. 2, July 1982: p. 11 court cases, March term 1785, case 46, Edward Hatfield vs. Edward Goldsberry. Vol. IV, No. 1, April 1984, p. 16, Richard Goldsboro got marriage license week ending July 13, 1889 to wed Kizzie Nixon, "both of Fairchance." (NB. The couple were the first to get a license that week. Note the census of 1880).

look-up by
Thom Montgomery

More Fayette County, PA.
Goldsborough Naming Variations

Something you probabbly do not know.  Another variation of the name GOLDSBORO, is one a person would not ordinarily 
think of.  It might have been a local terminology. George GOLDSBORO, in early Georges Township, near Fairchance, was 

His name also appears that way on an early map.  I am certain this is one and the same person because the
place indicated on the map, is one and the same place, where a very old couple lived in a large home.
They were there in the 1900's, the 1920s, and the 1930s.

Their name was GEORGE GOLDSBORO and MARY GOLDSBORO  I thought they were 100 years old.  I really do not 
know their age.  Their home was not far from my Grandparents. They lived in Georges Twp, just East of Fairchance , at the 
foot of the mountain.  The street today is called East Main St Ext,  in Fairchance,  PA

I have always thought this interesting.  The old timers called one another by variations of their
names. I am certain of the validity of this, because I knew them as GEORGE and MARY GOLDSBORO, But, the old timers 
in the family called them GOOSEBERRY.

What surprises me, is that these names find their way into the material we research such as MAPS and CENSUS Records.

I hope I have been of some help to you.

Esther  in Uniontown  PA

Adams County, PA

1850 US CENSUS, Adams County PA , 31 August 1850, in household
Leonard Stough, 32, coach maker,
William GOLDSBOROUGH 18, Coach Maker, b. PA.

look-up by
Thom Montgomery

Philadelphia County, PA

1850 PA Census Index Philadelphia County, PA, Philadelphia City, South Mulberry Ward Roll 815 Page 225
William Lockwood (Head of household) age 49 Black Male his occupation was steradore (what is that?) and others listed as well as
Goldsberry, Matilda Age 35, Black female born in Maryland

1850 PA Census Index Philadelphia County, PA Philadelphia City, Dock Ward Roll 817 Page 446
Goldsboro, Charles H.

1850 PA Census Index Philadelphia County, PA, Spring Garden, Ward 4 Roll 819 Page 105
Goldsborough,  Jacob 55 yrs. Male, Cabinet Maker, born Delaware
                  "                    , Hannah 50 yrs. Female, born PA.
                  "                    , William 22 yrs. Male, born PA labourer
                  "                    , Catharine 25 yrs. Female, born PA

More Philadelphia

1890 Philadelphia City Directory
Goldsborough Alexander M.,  music teacher, 2101 Brandywine
Goldsborough Benjamin W., laborer, 1240 Hutchinson
Goldsborough Elijah,  blacksmith,  1130 Dunton
Goldsborough John,  laborer, 210 S Warnock
Goldsborough Lee, police, 2028 Cleveland av
Goldsborough William, coachman, 869 Matlack
Goldsborough William, compositor, 218 N 5th

Venango County, PA

1870 US CENSUS, Venango County, Venango City Borough, 23 August 1870
Henry Goldsboro 33, b. Maryland. oil dealer, Real Estate
valuied at $3000, personal estate valued at $500, 
Ann 31, keeping house, born New Jersey, 
Anna 6, b. Minnesota, 
Ella 4, b. PA;

look-up by
Thom Montgomery

York County, PA

1850 PA Census Index York County, PA, Hanover Borough, Roll 839, Page 273
William Bachman, 31 yrs. Male, sadler
Goldsborough, Charles age 16 yrs. Male, born Ma. (maybe mean MD)  (must be a renter)

1850 PA Census Index York County, PA, Hanover Borough, Roll 839, Page 273
Goldsborough, L. 46 yrs. Male, Physician, born MD.


1895 Iowa State Census

PG 560: 
Charles L. & Mary (Marie) White Goldsborough with dau's 
(1) Grace C b. Nov 1881, 
(2) Nina, b. Oct 1882, 
(3) Ruth, b. Apr 1888; 
Grace m. George C. Merrill; Nina m. Herbert Squiers; Ruth -- 
nothing more is known about Ruth --- The Charles L , above, is one of 8 children, let me know if you want that data as well.

PG 566: 
"Minnie" Ruth Amelia, b. Aug 1871, d. 20 Dec 1950, m. 4 Jul 1894 in Sioux City, Iowa, m to Clarence Edward Boss; they lived their 40 yr married life in Glendale, CA.;  they had 3 sons; Francis E. Boss, Edgar F.; Roger Milton --- 
(Minnie and Charles L, above, are brother & sister)

PG 602: 
Ruth Goldsborough, b. 7 Feb 1845, d. 13 Apr 1915, m. 20 Mar 1865 to William Ellwart Vivers;  they had only one 
son, Robert T. Vivers  (  Minnie is the dau of Charles L. above)

PG 591: 
Ruth Canney, m. John Byron Goldsborough -- they had son John, son Frederic Brice, and a dau, Ann Goldsborogh Egerter

PG 567: 
Herbert Bryce Goldsborough, b. 22 Mar 1874, d. 19 Jun 1945, m. 15 Oct 1901 in Sioux City, IA to Ella Elizabeth 
Caldwel;    their children:

1) Frances M., m. James Mccluskey;
2) Ruth E ( she was a student at University of Southern California.  In 1930 thru 1939 she was teaching.
    She lived with her parents during those years.)  nothing else mentioned;
3) Alison A., m. Dale Trowbridge;
4) Charlotte

PG 15: 
Francis Goldsborough, wife Ruth arrived on the ship Golconda which arrived at the port of Philadelphia, 25 May 1830;  they had 8 children:
Malley (sic), Peter, Francis, Joseph, Ruth b. 11 Mar 1814, d. 9 Jan 1905,
James, Elizabeth, Frances.

Melbourne, Australia

-My wife was Eloise Goldsborough ; her father was Glenn Orville Goldsborough Sr.  her mother was MargaretteBragg; her 
gr-dad was George Goldsborough :gr-mother was Fonda Costilow Goldsborough.  Glenn sr.was born in Berrysburg, Harrison 
County WV.  Brick wall there. A lot of the Goldsborough clan
settled in Aus. around Melbourne. ; came from England.

Perry Rager


What a large task you have taken on. My husband Lester, who has the middle name Goldsborough is descended from Samuel 
Goldsborough and Louisa Henderson. His grandmother was A child of Samuel and Louisa. Her name was Caroline and she 
married Edward Amps. Samuel was originally married to
Margaret and they had a son Robert aged 4 years when they arrived in Australia from England in 1853 on the ship 
"Beejapore". Margaret died in quarantine at the Manly quarantine station in Sydney. Samuel then married Louisa whom my 
husband is descended from.

We have been unable to locate Robert Goldsborough except for perhaps a death in QLD which states parents unknown.

Do you have or have you seen a copy of the "Goldsborough Memorials' originally know as DeGoldesborough. We are 
fortunate to have a copy of this book.

I would be happy to exchange any info I have and to put you in contact with other Goldsborough's

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Angela & Lester Green

West Virginia

-My wife was Eloise Goldsborough ; her father was Glenn Orville
Goldsborough Sr.  her mother was MargaretteBragg; her gr-dad was George
Goldsborough :gr-mother wasFonda Costilow Goldsborough.  Glenn sr.was born in
Berrysburg, Harrison County WV.  Brick wall there. A lot of the Goldsborough clan
settled in Aus. around Melbourne. ; came from England.

Perry Rager


Tracing Roots back to England
I am very interested in the Goldsborough, et al lines - although I descend
from a John Goldsbury who was born in 1700 supposedly in England, and first shows up in Wrentham, Massachusetts in 1727 when he marries.  I have fairly extensive research on the family, all of which I would be happy to share.
The reason I'm interested in all Goldsboroughs, is I'm trying to get John
back to England, and it's proving quite an exercise in frustration - I'm
having to start research on other Goldsborough families here in the United
States to see if perhaps John came over with his parents or someone else who
settled elsewhere.

Judy Bingham

New York

I married into the name. Just started trying to get more backround on it. The Goldsborough's lived in Ny area for many years. I 
was told by the oldest Frederick (POP) that his family was Irish English from Maryland. Here's what I know:
Frederick Goldsborough (b. 6-28-1900 d. 1/87) married Loretta Preiser
(dates unknown)
   Known Children are: Frederick (b. 5-8-1920 d. 8/10/97) married Catherine
Schaefer (b.    1/19/1924 d. 7/28/99)
   Veronica married ?Hayden
The first Frederick had a grandfather named Patrick Gallagher and I was
told by him that he married a Donahue and that his mothers name was Ryan.
He also told me that they were Irish English from Maryland.

My husband is the youngest son of Frederick(the 2nd one) & Catherine, other
siblings (youngest to oldest) are:
One by the name of Robert died just after birth & is buried in NYsomewhere
- Veterans cemetary I think).
All others are still living.

Maybe this will help someone. I also know the forwarding line of William's
children, but unsure of his wifes maiden name.

The Goldsborough line is hard to track..

Thanks for your documenting effort!


I am looking for any information on John Goldsborough born about 1825 in 
Md.He married Emaline Gardner who died in Nov  1884 in Queen Anne's co 
Md.They had one daughter that I have found Mary E born March 4,1851.Mary 
married Samuel Seward in 1870 and they resided in Queen Anne's co Md.Any 
assistence would be appreciated.
  Thank you
       Lynn Smith

Frederick County MD

Hi Raynelle

I saw your email on the Westmoreland list and noticed that you are 
researching Goldsberry. In a search of printed records in the library 
I came across a listing of the marriage of Elizabeth CLASPY to Tady 
GOLDSBERRY on June 30, 1805 in Frederick County, MD. I was searching
for any CLASPY surnames in the book, Marriage Licenses of Frederick 
County MD 1778-1810, by Margaret E. Myers. Anyhow, I have no idea 
whether or not I am related to Elizabeth, but the CLASPY surname is 
so rare that I may be. Is Tady in your database and, if so, do you 
know anything of Elizabeth's origins? My ggrandfather, Mathias 
CLASPY, claims to have been born in MD, around 1823, but I have not 
been able to trace him. Perhaps there is a connection to Elizabeth.

Thanks for any info that you might provide.



I have a Rebecca Mary Gouldsberry born 1801 in VA. She married Jacob
Hoover. He lived in Harrison Co., IN in the 1840 census,  next to John
Gouldsberry and William Gouldsberry. Rebecca was not listed.

Deloris LeBlanc